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Main Factory

GOMOTEC’s main business parts are Producing
Components of Refrigerator for Home, Business,
Industrial use, Planning & Installing Facilities for
Factory of White goods, PU foaming jig and related
equipments, (Sheet Metal Machine or Steel Plate) and
Equipments for Factory Automation, Engineering
for New Electronics, Components of Mass production
for Refrigerator, Heating Dryer & Freezer for Agricultural
products, Development and Production of
HRV[Heat Recovery Ventilation] System

우리 회사는 가정, 업소, 산업용 냉장고와 냉응용기를 비롯,
백색가전용 공장의 기획부터 폴리우레탄발포 설비 및 지그류,
판금 및 공장자동화 설비류, 신제품용 Engineering과 함께
냉장고용 양산부품 / 냉온건조기 / 전열교환환기유니트의
개발 및 제조를 주력사업으로 운영하고 있습니다.